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Insurance Management System

IMS – the system that grows with the customer

IMS is a safe and innovative insurance management system; a tool for the management of insurances for private and business customers.

IMS is a standard system with the possibility of customization. This means you get a system which is customized to suit your company.

Our IMS becomes your IMS!  


Acceptance & Approval

Which model suits your company?

You decide! When you become a customer with us, you simply inform us what you prefer:

  • The user or the customer orders UW
  • We make an electronic signature process
  • . . . or another solution that suits your company

When one of the above processes have been completed, the insurance will be activated automatically.


Your IMS - your APP

Always close at hand!

As a Nordigo customer you can get quick and easy access to the IMS system via our app.
You have two options:

  • Nordigo standard app
  • Your IMS – your app.
    We design a customized app – exactly as you need it.

IMS handles ALL types of claims!

As standard the IMS system handles all types of claims in accordance with the insurance policies and covers that are active in the system.

Customization of the system to your needs will ensure that all types of claims can be handled by IMS.


IMS ”account status”

Here you can easily follow the ”figures” relating to a claim – for instance claim costs, expenses that strain the budget etc.

This feature creates an overview of the financial part of claims handling and makes efficient and profitable claims management possible.


Commissions and fees

Easy and safe calculation!

The IMS standard system manages 3 levels of commissions / fees. 


Conversion - we will help you

If you choose IMS - we choose you!

Just the thought of converting to a new management system can be discouraging
 … but not to us.

With our assistance the conversion goes as easily and effortlessly as possible.


Our IMS becomes your IMS

Of course, we have a STANDARD IMS solution which is used by many customers.

Just as many customers have chosen an INDIVIDUAL IMS system which is customized to suit their special wishes/needs.

Do you have special wishes regarding customer details, special demands to the relation module or the management of sales and policy data?

IMS can be set up with exactly the data you want!


Your customer is important

High service level with IMS customer portal

IMS has created a customer portal which enables your customer to get a quick and easy overview of the activities on his account with you. 


The professional look and impression

Even and correct - every time!

IMS allows you to create templates for documents and e-mails. The templates ensure that everything you send to your customers via IMS has the look of your company - with the same appearance - every time.

Through a simple coding in the templates, IMS ”automatically” inserts customer data, policy number etc. – i.e. you can be sure that details in documents and e-mails are always correct.

Save time with automatic archiving

With IMS document management all documents and e-mails are automatically saved under the customer. Likewise, incoming documents can be linked to cases or customers.


Payments and invoices

Easily managed with IMS!

IMS handles invoices and payments through several channels.
Contact us for more information: steffan@nordigo.com.

Automatic update in IMS:

  • Premiums that are paid through the integrated invoice solutions are automatically registered in the system.
  • Manual payments, e.g. through bank account, are updated just like other registrations.


Additionally, you can buy integrations into online banking and bookkeeping/accounting system.


Getting started with IMS

We provide customized training

As an IMS customer you and your employees will be offered system training.

One of our competent employees will conduct a specially designed training programme taking place in your company.  


White label - an option

All our modules can be set up with your logo.

Another option is  white label; so your external partners' logo is added as well.


Access to other systems

Integrated in IMS

You will often need information from other systems. With IMS these systems are close at hand thanks to the integrated access to several other systems – including public registers (Motor, Tax, etc.).

Additionally, you can buy integrations into online banking and bookkeeping/accounting system.

Automatic update ensures correct information - at any time

The integration can be established so changes in data take place automatically. This ensures that data is always fully updated; this is a great advantage in case of e.g. change of ownership, customer addresses etc.


Keep track of all activities

...with structure and overview!

Our system provides all the features you need!

With our task and calendar management module you can easily follow the tasks and processes of your company – yours as well as your colleagues'.

A good remembering tool in a company with many activities.


Print and send insurance policy

Safe and easy management

You decide how it will be done!


When data has been created in the IMS system, the policy is automatically generated and sent to the customer.



When data has been created in the IMS system, only one click is needed to finish the policy, i.e. you can generate, print and send the policy whenever it suits you.


Version management takes place automatically


Demand creates development

Our customers are important and significant partners when we optimize and extend
the IMS system.

We develop the IMS system further as the needs arise from the customers.

In this way, we guarantee a highly relevant and up-to-date management system matching
our customers’ demands. 


Sales solutions

We have several complete sales solutions – e.g.:

  • webservices
  • iframes
  • sales via App

No matter which sales channel you want to use, we have a sales-supporting solution.


Security creates confidence

With IMS you can be confident!

Are you an agent?

Then you manage data on behalf of one or several insurance companies and know the high security requirements of registered data.  

IMS is approved

The system is approved by a large number of insurance companies – both Danish and foreign. IMS meets all current data management standards.

  • IT security policy
    We have a security policy that we are committed to and which guarantees that you can meet the expectations of your business partners
  • Contingency plan – our safety net in case of a serious breakdown. This plan secures data and makes sure the operation can be resumed as quickly as possible

Relevant statistics

Standard reports and/or customized reports?

We offer several standard reports – please contact us for more information.

Customers generally have their own needs.
Let us know – and we will provide the reports that suit your business.


Tenders and offers

Easy and safe creation of tender reports

With IMS your policies are easily converted into tender reports.